Thank you

Thank you for coming to check out my website and blog, as you can see it’s not here anymore! I loved writing this blog however I’m now on a new journey and it felt right to take my old website down.
I’m continuing working with my amazing clients, both old and new, and other than the work I’m doing with them I’m focusing on my own growth and development A LOT!
I’m listening to my intuition more intensely than ever, and it’s this that is helping me determine what steps to take at each moment. This is challenging but also quite incredible. I’m trusting that soon I’ll know how I’ll be ready to offer my support and guidance on a larger scale, perhaps with a new blog, some group healing and coaching courses or maybe something totally different, I honestly can’t say just yet what it’ll be. It feels exciting regardless.
Anyway if you’d like to contact me in the meantime or if there was a particular blog post you were seeking, drop me an email to and I’ll do what I can to help you out.
Penny x