Hey! I’m Penny

I’m a coach, healer and author in progress.

I’ve recently moved back to New Zealand from London, where, for over a decade and a half I successfully ran my own business. Initially as a personal trainer and later as a healer and coach.

I use a powerful process called ‘Feel It’. Feel It is about listening to our bodies and going deeply into what they’re telling us. It also involves healing the emotions we’ve avoided which are now blocking us off from our naturally contented, productive and intuitive states. Our bodies hold the solutions to our greatest frustrations. When we change how we respond to pain and injury by really listening to what they’re telling us, the result is healing and transformation.

Before Feel It I tried many different approaches, including positive thinking and traditional life coaching to help me in my own life. However these things didn’t get to the root cause of my issues, or make me feel I was in control of creating the changes I wanted to see. The Feel It process, however does both these things. A big part of my work involves empowering my clients, and teaching them to become adept at using Feel It as an everyday part of their lives.

If you’re committed and ready for big change, I can help you make that happen.

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