About me
I’m originally from New Zealand, after high school I left my home city, Hamilton, to study dance in the capital, after which I picked up a couple of jobs, saved money and headed overseas to explore. I began by teaching dance in the States for a summer, went on an awesome road trip with some friends, crashed the car (only a little bit) and then came to London. My intention was to be here for a week to see friends, it’s now been almost 17 years, I never was that great with time.
In London I took on admin and reception temp jobs to fund my travels around the world, but after a few years realised I needed to find my passion. I didn’t really have a clue what that was, mainly because I had so many things that I loved, how was I meant to narrow it down?! My love of movement, and general hyperactivity, led me to decide on personal training. I loved working with people, I adored helping them recover from injuries and get them healthier and to move better.
Pretty soon into my personal training career I started my training as a coach and a healer. Which I found I adored even more than helping people get fit. Although later I began to combine the two, discovering that movement and emotional healing together are powerful route to transformation. I gained qualifications in coaching, reiki and a lesser known but mind blowingly powerful modality called Life Alignment that all set me up for helping my clients to make massive changes. But the biggest change for me was my own journey of transformation, (still ongoing and always will be) the more I learned about healing others the more I discovered that I was the one most in need of the healing.
From around 2013 I began taking time out to focus on working on myself. The changes I felt and witnessed during this time have been pretty awesome to say the least.
I now teach these tools to my clients and to my viewers through videos which I post on here and on youtube. My mission is to create a community of people who share their gifts, talents, emotions, joys, sadnesses, successes and failures, who feel connected to others and know they are not alone.
About this space
This is a space for you to discover simple yet powerful techniques to transform your life.
A space where you’ll be given all the tools, examples and encouragement to get stuck into your transformation right away.
Here is where you’ll discover things about you that are incredible and wonderful.
It’s a space where you’ll find that the things you think suck about you, are actually pure brilliance and quite possibly you’re greatest assets for transformation.
This is where you’ll get to know that all the stuff you push down, hide away from and are ashamed of are not the demons you thought they were, but compost to nourish the life you want to be living.
This is a space of transformation.
It’s a space for you to transform your life, on your terms, using the wisdom from your heart.
It’s a space to gain support, to feel connection, to know you’re not alone, to laugh, to be playful, to ask questions, to be part of a community, to receive, to offer assistance and to be curious.
It’s a space for you.
Welcome to this space.


  1. What a wonderful website this is! Refreshing to come across a site that focuses on well being, happiness and creativity.

  2. Hey there Pen! Nice work with your magic offering here… keep that bright light shining! And growing and curiously creatively feeling good along the way! PEACE to YOU, Chip

  3. Eva Energygirl

    I love your website Penny. It is such a great find and am already an avid reader of your posts. You have inspired me to stop scoffing crisps and chocolates. And I love your food recipes. You have a lovely light touch. Dont stop. I am telling my friends and family to read you.

    1. Hi Eva, thank you, that’s fab to hear! Well done stopping the crisps scoffing. Let me know if you have anything specific you’d like me to write a post about.

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