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The content is quite literally life changing. I’ve given you all you need to begin your own transformational practise, just like I do on myself.

Regardless of who you are I believe you’ll get loads from this. However there is a caution I need you to read first. This is because the MOST important thing here is that you’re safe and that you feel supported. Ok here it is.

Caution: Must read section.

If you have ever self-harmed, suffered panic attacks, had suicidal thoughts, made attempts on your life or even if you’re just very nervous about doing this work, then please consult with a mental health practitioner to get their go-ahead to do this work before proceeding.

This work is incredibly powerful for you to do and I don’t want to put you off it because of the things you’ve struggled with in the past. However, please do take care of yourself because this does stir up emotions. Equally, if you’re afraid of trying this alone I recommend that you don’t, try it with someone you trust to support you instead.

This course does not replace the advice of your doctor or trained health care professional.

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