How to find your core values

I had a great question from my friend Hattie in London, she wanted to know how to find her core values.

She found a HUGE list online that had many, many, many words and from this she was meant to choose only 3-5 words that would then be defined as her core values.

Eak! I don’t know about you but just looking at that list made me overwhelmed.

Sometimes even the things people we admire suggest we do, are just not right for us. Keep taking all the good stuff from them and continue being inspired, but leave the stuff that doesn’t resonate with you.

In this video I’ve answered Hattie’s question, which was ‘How do I find my core values?’ and I’ve also given you a really helpful thing to do with the things you most want to avoid, or as Hattie calls them your ‘core negative values’. Those things are gold, and I’ll tell you why in this vid!

Enjoy, and let me know if this has helped you or if you have any questions in the comments below.


Penny x


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