What to do when you can’t FEEL grateful

Do you always FEEL grateful and appreciative when you do your gratitude lists?

I tried to yesterday but I just wasn’t feeling it. That was until I did the process I explain in this video. After which I was able to genuinely connect with my appreciation for the incredible things in my life.

Genuinely feeling appreciative of what’s in our lives is kind of the point of doing pretty much everything really. For example why work super hard at learning Japanese if you don’t appreciate the people you’ll connect with because of it?

It’s also a highly creative practice, when you truly appreciate what you have, you’ll find you attract more of the things that make you feel appreciative.

So it’s a big deal if you’re finding you can’t fully experience feeling grateful, if this happens to you sometimes or you think you might be able to connect even more deeply to your gratitude, then dive into the video now!

Leave me a comment below and let me know how you get on.




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