The date for my next workshop will be announced towards the end of February .


The workshops I run are both practical and experiential, giving you life changing tools to take away with you.

During my live workshops you’ll learn how to heal what’s blocking you from living the life you really want to be living. I’ll teach you the process of getting to the root cause of why you have these blocks, and how to move through them. It’s a group workshop, and groups are quite possibly my favourite way of working! The resonance between the participants is uncannily magical. The group energy allows for big transformations and powerful realisations to happen.

You’ll come away from the workshop knowing how to do this transformation work for yourself. You’ll have moved through blocks and felt what it’s like to be on the other side of them; Freedom, clarity, peace, excitement to take action, comfortable not taking action, ease of voicing how you really feel, comfort in knowing you’re making the right decision…are only some of the possible outcomes. You’ll also come away knowing an awesome group of people, they’ll be there for you to connect with so you can support each other with continued transformations.

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